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Review | HD Brows Palette in Foxy

Review | HD Brows Palette in Foxy
Review | HD Brows Palette in Foxy
Review | HD Brows Palette in Foxy

HD Brows Palette in Foxy* £19.95

Eyebrows are by far one of the best parts of a make up routine, I will never not be amazed by how much they can change the way a face looks! As pathetic as it probably sounds, I find it hard to leave the house without doing something to my brows as they are so sparse and thin. The HD Brows Palette is well raved about in the blogosphere so I was super excited to receive a sample at an event last year. I have the shade 'Foxy' for medium hair, there is also Bombshell for fair hair and Vamp for dark hair.

I think Foxy is a palette that would probably suit everyone, for me it's a brilliant set of powders. All the four shades in the palette are matte, so perfect for brows and can of course be used as eyeshadow as well. Shade wise you get a creamy ivory, a black, a warm brown and a dark brown. The warm brown is slightly reddish compared to the dark, which is much more ashy. For me the dark brown is a great match, it leaves my brows looking much thicker but still quite natural. It's probably the best brow powder I've found for me! I tend to use a really small amount of the warm brown blended in to fill those extra sparse areas too if needed.

All the powders are really pigmented and soft. I'm really impressed with the quality. They work really well for brows but are also brilliant as eyeshadows. If you ever need to travel light you could totally get away with just taking this for brows and eyeshadow looks! To do my brows I only need the smallest amount of product, this palette is seriously going to last me forever.

If brows are as important to you as they are too me, then I definitely recommend picking up a HD Brows Palette. It's really versatile and worth the money. Especially if you love a neutral eye look too!
Do you own a HD Brows Palette?

*gift from a press event


  1. Paula Kemp3 February 2014 at 19:31

    For years I never did a thing with my brows, just kept them tidy, but when I started having them tinted and filling them in with powder, I couldn't believe the difference it makes. I now feel naked if my brows are not filled in before I leave my house ;).

    This palette looks fab, and with a nice big mirror to sort those brows out, will definitely have to check it out!

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  2. daisy walters3 February 2014 at 21:02

    I really want to try this as I've seen it around a lot, but I luuuurve my Benefit Brow Zings palette so I think I'll use that up before getting this one!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Faith Warde3 February 2014 at 21:04

    I love this brow palette, its really good and lasts for ages! x


  4. casuallyawkward3 February 2014 at 21:08

    I love how everyone raves over this palette, I feel like I need it in my life

  5. Francesca Peart3 February 2014 at 21:11

    I was so tempted to buy this on saturday!
    great review!

    [new blog post up]
    LifeWithFrancesca x

  6. Beth3 February 2014 at 22:03

    I never leave the house without doing my eyebrows, this palette sounds great and very versatile :) xx

  7. Sandy3 February 2014 at 22:14

    Woah they are so pigmented! I've always wanted to try this palette, and amazing shades to wear as eyeshadow/liner too! xx

  8. Georgina Fox4 February 2014 at 00:35

    I'd love to see this swatched on your brows!

    Georgina at

  9. Wanischa S4 February 2014 at 01:12

    Such pigmented looking brow powder. I really need this palette in my life.

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  10. Elissa Hudson4 February 2014 at 12:53

    I have this and it's become my staple travel palette for my brows and eyes. The mirror is huge too, so I can pretty do a full face of makeup using it! x

    Elissa |

  11. becky smith4 February 2014 at 13:23

    I really want to get my hands on one of these palettes x

  12. Cornelia Kennedy4 February 2014 at 19:35

    I love that these shades are Very matte, believe it or not I have seen some brow powders that have a slight shimmer, I have been thinking about giving my brows a HD makeover!!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  13. Zubia Rizvi5 February 2014 at 00:53

    Looks amazingly pigmented! I have read so many raving reviews about it, can't wait to get mine.

    Btw, if you get a li'l time, visit my blog! ^_^

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

  14. abigailalicex6 February 2014 at 01:13

    I agree with you, eyebrows are key. I cannot, now, imagine myself not doing my eyebrows. So weird how this has become the latest craze but it's definitely one to stay! i love th look of this palette but after using MACs brow pencil, Browzings I decided to try a cheap option after I'd spent up all my money and i bought a palette from Tescos's called "Browow" and omg I'm amazed. It works better than MAC and Benefit and it cost 1.50£!

  15. Sophie Hawker6 February 2014 at 14:13

    This looks like a great palette, thanks for sharing :)


  16. Gymbags Gladrags9 February 2014 at 23:40

    I have this palette too and I love it. I love how you can mix and match the different shades if you want a more natural or a bolder brow!

    C x | Gymbags & Gladrags

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