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Monday, 10 August 2015

imPRESS accent press on nails

imPRESS Accent Press on Nails £6.98

I'm terrible at nails, I can just about paint them nicely but can't do any sort of nail art. I love the idea of well manicured nails but I'm too scared to get any sort of gel or acrylic nails done properly. I've used imPRESS nails before and think they are great for a quick and easy manicure. 

imPRESS Accent Nails come in a range of different designs, I've tried out the Bells and Whistle print which I think are really fun. The nails are mint green, one of my favourite colours, with an aztec print accent nail. In each set of imPRESS Accent Nails you get a range of different nail sizes with numbers on for you to match up the correct sizes. There is also a nail file and wipe. 

Even for someone as incapable as me, imPRESS nails are so easy to apply. You simply wipe over nails and file them, then match up the correct sizes and press them on. I like to apply pressure for a minute or so on each nail just to make sure the nail is properly secure. This set of nails lasted four days before they started to fall off. I don't think that's bad at all for nails that don't use any glue or anything that could cause damage to your nails.

If you've got a last minute event or party to go to, or are heading to a summer festival or generally just want an easy manicure, then you should definitely check out the imPRESS range. There are so many fun colours and designs. 

You can pick up imPRESS Accent Nails in Asda and other beauty suppliers.
Have you tried imPRESS nails before?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Review and Offer | SensatioNail Deluxe Gel Starter Kit

SenatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit* RRP £110

I am not high maintenance when it comes to my nails, for the past week they've been polish free simply because I could not be bothered to paint them, lazy I know! I've never had gel nails before but have always wanted to try them out but it's not a cheap thing to have done in a salon. The SensationNail Deluxe Gel Starter Kit promises the quality of a gel manicure finish done yourself at home! I'm not the best at nails so the chance to try this starter kit out was very exciting.

The SensatioNail Starter Kit contains everything you need to give yourself an at home gel manicure. The box contains the LED Lamp, a gel cleanser, a nail primer, a gel top/base coat, two coloured polishes, gold and silver glitter, lint free wipes, a nail buffer and gel remover tool. The two polishes included are Raspberry Wine and Pink Chiffon.

I was slightly overwhelmed and thought it would take hours to do my nails when I read the instructions but I headed to YouTube and watched a couple of step by step videos and was then good to go. I'm not the most patient person and I am not a nail genius but this was fairly easy to do and took me 45 minutes to do, which I don't think is too bad for a first go.

It's an simple system to follow and once you've done one hand you've pretty much got it sussed. It's important to make sure you don't get any of the product too near the cuticle or on your skin but that's easy to avoid by using thin layers of the product. I used Raspberry Wine on my nails and Pink Chiffon on my Nan's as she loves baby pink shades! I didn't use the glitter on my first manicure as I wanted to make sure I could practice the steps first. The glitter will be fab for Christmas time though!

I'm so pleased with the finish, my nails look incredibly shiny and feel really strong. It's been four days and they have yet to chip. I can't yet say if they last the full two weeks but if they last one with minimal chipping I'll be impressed. There's a wide range of colours available to purchase separately at £15 each but there is a £3 off voucher in the starter kit.

Until tomorrow the SensatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit is Boots' Star Christmas Gift meaning it's over 50% off and costs just £50 instead of it's RRP of £110! I'd 100% recommend picking this up at this bargain price especially as you can get 20 manicures from the kit. It would make an amazing Christmas present or even better treat to yourself!

Have you tried SensatioNails?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review | Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Summer 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Summer 2014Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Summer 2014
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Summer 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Summer Nail Paints* £3.99 each 

I've talked about my love of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint's before and am so excited about the new Summer shades launching next week. There are seven shades in the Summer collection that have got me right in the holiday mood, now if anyone wants to take me away...? The collection is a great mix, it's lovely to see nudes mixed in with brights and in all honesty I love every shade!

Damson-This is the absolute stand out from the range for me, I am obsessed with it. A gorgeous cobalt/cornflower blue, similar to Baker Street by Nails Inc. I'm so in love with this, if you pick up just one shade from the collection then go for this one!

Kiwi- An almost jewel coloured, ultra bright green with a hint of turquoise. It makes me feel all tropical and summery. It'a a really unique shade and unlike anything I've worn before, I will be wearing this a lot on my toes I think.

Pink Punch- This is the only polish from the shade that doesn't excite me so much simply as I have bright pink nail polishes and don't really wear them that much. It's a lovely bright almost neon shade that. It's not that unique a shade but there is nothing like it in the Gelly formula!

Elderberry- Similar to Huckleberry from the Spring collection but a more grey toned shade, if you look at them both together in store you can see how different they are. I really love this and will get a lot of wear from it. It's a really pretty dusty blue.

Almond- A mushroom nude similar to Lychee but much deeper in tone. It has a hint of lilac about it and is a classy neutral shade. It's very easy to wear and quite classic.

Olive- I've not come across anything like this shade and really like it, which I didn't expect to. It's a very light green with a beige/grey tint. Quite unusual but really lovely and flattering.

Coconut- An off white shade that is quite warm in tone and really creamy. It's incredibly flattering on my short nails, making them look much longer. It's my second favourite from the collection and I know I will be wearing this a lot all year round.

The Gelly Hi-Shine formula is my favourite from the drug stores/high street, the lighter shades can be slightly streaky but careful application stops this from being an issue. Two coats gives the most gorgeous glossy and gel like finish that lasts on me for about three days before starting to chip off although the better your topcoat the longer they will last.
For £3.99 each I think they are fab and I love them!

What shade is your favourite from the Barry M Summer Gelly Hi-Shine collection?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Review | Broadway imPRESS Nails

impress broadway nails
impress broadway nails
impress broadway nails

I have never in my life had false nails in any way so trying imPRESS Nails* by Broadway was an exciting time for me (yes I am sad). I've never been interested in having false nails after hearing horror stories of them ruining your own nails and being very expensive to maintain, so press on nails that don't require glue is right up my street. I was too stupid to look at the shade I had but it is a gorgeous red based coral.

imPRESS nails deliver instant salon-perfect manicures without drying times. Superior, lasting shine – this flexible nail cover delivers an indestructible top coat that rivals the best salon gel polish. imPRESS nails last up to a week while keeping nails protected. What polish can say that! 

I love the look of the nails and was "impressed" (sorry) with the range of sizes that come in the pack. There are 24 nails in various sizes so you can match the right shape to your nail. I have tiny fingers so thought it would be a bit of an issue but I managed to make it work, although I should have probably filed them down a bit first before applying. Application was very simple and fast. I had a full set of lovely nails in 5 minutes. They felt natural and my Nan then nicked the rest of the spare nails to use for herself!

I will be honest and say I didn't expect them to last that long, and on the second night after application the first nail pinged off. I had some spares to replace it but by the third night they were all a bit loose and I decided to peel them off (which was very easy and quick too). 

 I personally liked the imPRESS nails and would repurchase them if I wanted lovely nails for an event or party (not that I ever go anywhere!). They are a bit too pricey for me to purchase regularly, although I do have my eyes on some of the floral prints for summer. 

imPRESS nails are avaliable from Boots at £7.99. Have you tried them?

*pr sample

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cath Kidston Nails!

(Sorry for my dodgy looking hands but I had literally just finished doing these nails!)

I am obsessed with Cath Kidston. Really obsessed.
I came across these nail transfers on eBay and had to try them.
I bought them on Sunday night and they arrived Wednesday morning, super quick!
To apply them you have to cut the transfer to size, soak it in water, peel it off and then place it on the nail.
Excess water must be dabbed off and then clear nail varnish applied.

A cheap and cheerful way to do your nails, considering I can not do anything creative.

Have you found any beauty bargains on eBay?
Much love,
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